Real Estate Assistant at OFFICEUP

Real Estate Assistant at OFFICEUP

Working in a fast phased and competitive industry, OFFICEUP understands the day to day functions and needs of a real estate agent. We will manage your daily administrative functions, so you are free to look for your next listing.

Knowing that the Real Estate Industry is highly competitive, OFFICEUP will treat each and every client's business information with the highest level of confidentiality and will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

OFFICEUP will attend to:

  • Setup and manage your social media accounts

  • Design and manage your website

  • Vendor reports and open home feedback reports 

  • Flyers and advertising material design

  • Cold calling and appointment setting for appraisals

  • Manage listings in REX Software and eSales

  • Appraisals using Property Smarts and REINZ