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Pricing and Plans at OFFICEUP

At OFFICEUP we design your pricing and plan to suit your business needs.

Knowing that business needs change and your requirements are not always the same, OFFICEUP has a casual option which is perfect for that urgent administrative need or the once-off project.


For a more established business commitment, OFFICEUP has monthly plans which will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Or if you decide to choose a weekly plan you will benefit from our preferential rate and you can choose the number of hours you need from 10 a month.


OFFICEUP is here to assist you with one-off projects such as designing your website, documenting, setting up your business online with IT services and securities, and much more. Please enquire to discuss your project requirements and we will meet your needs.


IT Services is a crucial part of any business to operate at its best. At OFFICEUP we can price up one-off projects or a monthly retainer, we are totally flexible to tailor the service to your business allowing for the best price fit.  

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