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The Sky is the limit – Cloud Solutions for you…

Why should you move your data storage to the Cloud? And what are the benefits for your business?

The cloud is a centralized location on the internet that stores data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, from any connected device. Businesses (both large and small) have adopted the cloud because it has several benefits.

Let us look at 6 Benefits of Online Data Storage:

Saves you money:

When you outsource your data storage, you save a lot on hardware and maintenance costs. The cloud is easily accessible, allowing small businesses to plan for their business growth and to make use of the benefits of cloud storage without making a huge up-front investment. With cloud storage, you can start small and slowly increase your usage as you need it, paying only for the services and access you need.

No data loss:

Data backup is one of the most valuable aspects of online data storage for many companies. The cloud and the way you use it can grow and change as your business needs grow and change. Instead of having to hire an IT consultant to keep your file storage system updated and maintained, most applications that use the cloud automatically update themselves. It also creates copies of your data off-site where it will be safe from any local natural disaster, theft, or malfunction. Most small businesses use images, audio, and video daily and these files often take up a considerable part of your hard drive space. By saving these files in the cloud, you will free up space on your local system, leaving space for those files you use daily.


Cloud storage will give you that ease of mind about the security of your files. The threat of cyberattacks is becoming widespread, and by using cloud data storage facilities you gain tough security measures that can withstand large cyberattacks. Storing your data in the cloud, backup systems are usually included as well. Your data is backed up in multiple places and any changes your make is recorded at every backup site. With these backup systems in place, there is no need for you to manually back up data, which can take a lot of time. Anti-virus and malware updates are automatic, so you never have to stop and address these, or deal with the consequences of forgetting to do so.

No maintenance costs:

This might be one of the best benefits, you do not need to hire IT staff or retain consultants to maintain a server for all digital data. Running and maintaining servers are costly and using Cloud Storage eliminates those costs completely.

Working remotely:

Online data storage allows companies to share files efficiently and gives you and your employees the benefit to work from any location where there is a stable internet connection. Using a cloud storage provider will ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date version of working files, and this will help you manage your workflow between your team. Employees will have access to and can work with documents they do not have in their personal possession. Saving and accessing files on the cloud is easy, making it an attractive option, even for non-technical small business owners. This can lead to a reduction in costs for traveling, office space and can increase your business productivity. A cloud-based business allows workers and customers to interact on a regular basis, even if they are on opposite sides of the globe.

Move your data with ease:

If you are moving offices or upgrading your devices, online storage makes the process go much smoother and the concerns about data loss are minimized.


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